Bathroom Remodeling Company Tampa

Bathroom Remodeling Company Tampa

Do you need a bathroom remodeling company Tampa residents? Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms of a home. Having an up to date bathroom that is efficient, well designed, and up to date can make your home a much more comfortable place. A bathroom remodeling project is only as good as the design itself. Spending the extra time on each individual design feature is crucial to creating a bathroom you will love for a long time. MHS Commercial and Residential will discuss different design elements and features you may want to consider when remodeling a bathroom. If you need a bathroom remodeling company Tampa homeowners, we hope you will give us a call.

Room for a Room

Master bathrooms are a great place to have a separate closed off room for the actual toilet. The toilet room itself does not have to take up much space. This will allow others to use the restroom for other purposes without interruption. High end rolling barn doors or pocket doors are a great way to implement a beautiful design feature and create a separate room for a toilet.


Toilets will use a large amount of water. The best thing you can do besides choose a toilet you like is choose a toilet that conserves water. Any toilet made before 1992 most likely does not adhere to the government’s low flush standard of 1.6 gallons or less of water per flush. Older toilets can use 3 to 7 gallons of water per flush! One third of your water usage is usually from flushing a toilet. Choosing a WaterSense labeled toilet will save you a lot of money. They use just over a gallon of water per flush. There are really two types of flushing toilets. A gravity fed toilet is one you will see most often. Pressure assisted toilets are more efficient but they are also more expensive and harder to repair. Some more modern toilets have even gone as far as to have a sink attached to the back of a toilet to refill the water reservoir as you are washing your hands.


Having a shower for two is being chosen more often for obvious reasons. Large showers with separate shower heads for each person is an amazing way to enjoy a large shower made for two. There are some truly amazing shower head options now that will make you say “wow!” Water tiles can be installed in the ceiling above the shower or even in the walls of your shower. Rainwater shower heads are also quite popular. Dual waterfall and rainwater shower heads have really started to gain popularity quickly. Shower heads have changed drastically in recent years. If you are interested in bathroom remodeling Tampa homeowners, now is the time to look into what showerheads are available.


Natural light is the best type of light that you can have in a bathroom. It looks the best on your skin and also makes the bathroom feel inviting. It is important to carefully plan out window placement to maximize lighting potential. You may also want to consider getting a skylight to create more light in your bathroom. Artificial lighting placement and types of lights that you choose are important. LED lights are a type of bulb that is slowly gaining traction and for good reason. LED lights are the most efficient light bulb. LED light bulbs also come in a wide variety of hues. There are LED bulbs for all types of lighting. Clever lighting placement and light types will make your bathroom stand apart from everyone else’s.


Frameless showers are all the rage right now and for good reason. They are sleek, modern, and can accommodate any size space. Frameless showers can be as small or as large as you would like. If you choose a frameless shower you still have to consider what type of floor and shower walls you would like.

There are an endless amount of materials and design qualities you can implement into showers.

  • Ceramic tile is a timeless choice that comes in all shapes and sizes imaginable.
  • Mosaic tile is very inexpensive and will give you the most material at the best price. Many people are currently choosing to get a wall of luminous glass mosaic tile.
  • Another option that is becoming more popular is the use of glass accent tiles.
  • Several years ago river rock shower accent walls and or floors started to be used as a great focal point. River rock (smooth rounded stone with deep rich colors) has a great natural look that appeals to a wide variety of individuals.
  • The use of concrete has also become incredibly popular over the last three years. Concrete gets used to create all sorts of surfaces now including countertops. Concrete showers are great but they must be properly sealed. Most people do not know that concrete is porous. If concrete is not properly sealed it can absorb moisture and then mold can reproduce. Hiring a skilled concrete fabricator is crucial. Concrete can crack if not properly fabricated. An experienced concrete fabricator will be able to assist you. Make sure you ask for references as well.
  • You can now even get spa showers with MP3-MP4 & LCD hookups.
  • When you really explore all of the materials available, you will see that the possibilities are really endless.


Having a separate bathtub if you have the room is recommended. Doing so will give you a place to take a bath and relax in an open environment. Tub and shower surrounds have slowly become less common over time. If you are trying to replace your shower surround just because it looks dated or is the wrong color, you may want to just consider bathtub refinishing. Bathtub refinishing is the process of using specialized resins and epoxies to make your shower or bathtub surround look like new again. This process makes it easy to change the color of a surround as well.


Much like a kitchen, bathroom cabinets alongside vanities will set the theme for the bathroom. Many people often think of storage last when designing a bathroom. The question they normally ask themselves is where they are going to fit it into their bathroom plans. A great option is an under vanity open face storage area for towels. One of our most recommended options that most people do not think about is recessed cabinets. There are a lot of different storage options in a bathroom. A small towel closet in a corner is the most commonly used method for storage.


Double sink vanities are the best option for most restrooms. They allow enough room for things to be set on the surface and still utilize the space. Some people even choose to have two separate his and her vanities which are opposite from one another. When choosing a sink make sure you leave enough room on the vanity to set things. Many people are putting vessel sinks (also referred to as bowl sinks) in their bathrooms on appealing looking antique tables but forget to leave enough surface area to set things like makeup down as well.


There are so many fixture options that you can actually hire fixture designers. This is not something we really recommend doing because you will end up doing most of the work. If you hire a fixture designer, you would have to teach the fixture designer what it is you like. You already know what you like so it is easier for you to find fixtures. We recommend checking out the brands of major fixture brands websites to view their full lines of fixtures.


  • Wood is gaining popularity in bathrooms. Bamboo has gained a great deal of momentum over the last several years. Bamboo is a renewable resource that takes much less time to replenish than hardwoods. Bamboo can come in a number of different strengths and looks. Considering bamboo as a flooring option is recommended due it’s durability, visual appeal, and low cost. Dark colored wood such as mahogany stained cabinets is a very popular option that will be used for many years to come. Choosing the right wood will give your bathroom a warm and sophisticated appeal.
  • Synthetic materials are also a great option because they have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.
  • Integral surfaces are ones that appear to be made of one piece of material. They can really offer a sleek look on many multiple surfaces within your bathroom.
  • Heated floors have been popular for many years and for obvious reasons. No one likes walking across a cold floor barefoot. Heated floors offer more than just comfort though it also serves a very practical purpose. Heated floors are very efficient and are an effective way to heat a home or even large commercial spaces. The floor is heated by specialized tubing that runs through the floor. Water circulates through the tubing and radiates heat through the floor. The water circulates through the tubing and then returns so hot water is not wasted.
You should always try to weigh your options.

Look for bargains where you can on materials by doing your research. We are a bathroom remodeling company Tampa residents, so we of course want to earn your business. However, we know there are a lot of do it yourselfers in Tampa. We think it is great that so many people are interested in home improvement but our recommendation is to not do it yourself if the material is expensive. We have been hired to come into a lot of Tampa homes after do it yourself jobs have been completed. Most jobs that are expensive materials can require specialized skills. Once a mistake is made it can lead to a costly waste of materials.

Do not rush the design process. Take your time, do not do your design with a deadline in mind. You can collect ideas over a long period of time. Look at each element you want to incorporate and plan it out carefully. Changes in design can cause costly delays to the bathroom remodeling process. If you need a bathroom remodeling company Tampa, we hope you will call us to discuss your bathroom remodeling needs.