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Most homeowners only remodel a home once in their lifetime. There are very few homeowners that remodel multiple times. Most who are doing a kitchen remodeling project for the first time are surprised to find out that kitchen cabinets can take up a majority of a kitchen remodeling budget. Our company, MHS Commercial and Residential, has been in the kitchen remodeling industry for many years. We have discussed kitchen remodeling with hundreds if not thousands of Tampa homeowners. When kitchen cabinet prices are discussed almost all people have the same look of complete shock. Homeowners usually think that the flooring or countertops will cost the most in a kitchen, but most times it is actually the kitchen cabinets. There are a lot of ways to save on kitchen cabinets and so many things to consider before making a final decision. Our company will be happy to help you with all of your kitchen cabinet and kitchen remodeling needs. If you need kitchen cabinets Tampa homeowners, we hope this article helps you make a more informed decision on your kitchen cabinets.

Things people rarely talk about
Kitchen Cabinets Tampa

Cabinet refinishing is something that is not discussed nearly often enough. Cabinet refinishing is the process of leaving your existing cabinet structure intact but giving all of the surfaces a new look. There are hundreds of different colors and cabinet finishes in which you are able to choose. The cabinet refinishing process can take a little bit longer than installing new cabinets depending on the project. Cabinet refinishing normally takes about three to four days depending on the size of the project and company you choose to use. Cabinet refinishing can save you thousands of dollars. Some of our articles in the past have advised people against choosing home design features based upon current fads. However, kitchen cabinet refinishing is something that can be done relatively easily so you don’t have to be afraid of going from shabby-chic to modern. If you are someone that changes design style with the times you will want to make sure you choose a kitchen cabinet type that can be refinished. Glass front cabinet doors would have to be replaced because they obviously can not be refinished.You should always talk to your kitchen remodeling company before making the choice to get new kitchen cabinets.

Recessed cabinets are another option that rarely gets mentioned by homeowners. Recessed cabinets can be a great option and can really be a fantastic design feature as well. Recessed cabinets actually fit between the studs of your wall. These recessed cabinets are an excellent way to store spices or storage containers for dry goods. Some of the best recessed cabinets we have seen were not even technically cabinets at all because they did not have a door. Open-front recessed cabinets can be put to great use and really make an excellent accent piece to a kitchen. Recessed cabinets can allow your cabinets to take up less room space without sacrifing cabinet space.

Not everyone will be interested in cabinet refinishing or recessed cabinets. If you need custom kitchen cabinets, we are the skilled custom cabinet company you need. Some kitchens have kitchen cabinets that never properly accommodated the space. The open floor concept is continuing to become more popular which means less wall space for cabinets. Custom cabinetry is a way to work wisely with the wall space you have in your home. Many Tampa homeowners are adding or increasing the size of an island in their kitchen to create more cabinet space. Custom cabinets can be a great choice when properly executed.

If you are ready to start remodeling and want to talk about kitchen cabinet options, we would love to speak with you. Our company will work closely with you from the initial design and throughout the entire remodeling project. We are the company to call for kitchen cabinets Tampa. Thank you for reading.