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Pocket Doors Tampa

Want to find out more about pocket doors Tampa? Pocket Doors are one of the most underrated and underutilized design elements in a home. Pocket doors are doors that completely recess into a wall. Pocket doors have been used in homes since the late 17th century. High quality, well made, pocket doors are like a hidden treasure right in your own home.

Pocket doors, like most other doors, have a large array of quality, shapes, and sizes. If you are going to have pocket doors installed it is best to do during a full remodel or when you have the wall in which the door is going to be installed down to the studs. We also recommend choosing the door you are going to have installed very carefully. There are so many different colors and styles that it can take a while to find the right door. Exploring all of your options is highly recommended. We also recommend choosing a high quality door. Pocket doors made out of low grade material can feel kind of gimmicky. Pocket doors made out of solid wood or a high grade material will make the feature more desirable and last much longer.

Rolling barn doors have the same sort of appeal as a pocket doors, but are on the outside of the wall instead of the inside. Rolling barn doors have undoubtedly become extremely popular over the last several years in both commercial and residential settings. Despite this recent popularity the rolling barn door has received, pocket doors have not seen the same amount of interest. There will most likely be a revival in pocket doors over the next several years. Pocket doors serve a highly practical purpose that is why they have been a highly sought after home feature for centuries.

We are a remodeling company that specializes in all facets of the home remodeling industry including but not limited to kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. Pocket doors are a small portion of the design elements in which we specialize. Our company would love to discuss any and all design elements in which you are interested. If you are interested in finding out more about pocket doors, rolling barn doors, or any other remodeling feature feel free to call us anytime.