Rolling Barn Doors Tampa

Rolling barn doors Tampa homeowners, are something that has become more popular over the last few years and for good reason. The reason they are called rolling “barn doors” is due to the fact that these style of soors have been used on barns for over a century. Now we know we have said to avoid home remodeling fads in some of our other articles. However, rolling barn doors on the interior of a home are a design element that we believe will stand up to the test of time. The reason we believe this so strongly is because they are not just a visually appealing element. Rolling barn doors are also a highly practical and functional addition to many homes. Rolling barn doors used on the interior of a home is a new concept, but similar doors have been used for centuries. Pocket doors have been around since the late 17th century and have a similar concept to the rolling barn doors. The only difference is a pocket door is completely enclosed in a wall when not closed and a rolling barn door is on the exterior of the wall.

Rolling Barn Doors Tampa

Rolling barn doors are one of the best ways to separate two rooms in style, especially if the doorways are larger than your standard 28 or 32 inch width. There are no visual limitations to what you can do with a rolling barn door. You can get fabricated rolling barn doors made out of composite materials or you can get custom made rolling barn doors made out of solid wood. Some people even choose to have glass-paned rolling barn doors. Another great thing about rolling barn doors is the doors can be replaced or changed easily which can give a room or home a completely different appeal without breaking the bank. Let’s just say you decided to go shabby chic with your rolling barn doors and several years later your rolling barn doors are all shabby and no chic. You could easily resurface, paint, or refinish your doors to give them an entirely new look that reflect a style that is more current. Even commercial properties such as restaurants are opting to have rolling barn doors installed as a way to separate private parties from the rest of the restaurant to create a more intimate setting.

The benefits of rolling barn doors go far beyond just visual appeal. Rolling barn doors create a fantastic sound barrier as well. The manufactured hollow doors that are in almost every home in Tampa are not the best at blocking sound. Solid doors are much better at blocking sound than hollow doors. Therefore if you are getting rolling barn doors for the purpose of blocking noise, it is best if you don’t choose hollow doors.

Every home remodeling project that we do, it seems like more and more people are having us take walls down. The open floor plan concept is the most common change that people are making right now. Open concept floor plans are great for making any home feel more spacious and cohesive, but there are times where you may regret that open floor concept. If you have kids there are times where you may want some peace and quiet from time to time. There is no need to have to sacrifice an open floor plan just so you can have a few moments of silence. Using rolling barn doors is a great way to separate sections of your home when needed.

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